Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile Cleaning


Is your flooring made from natural stone, porcelain or ceramic materials?  Different types of tile and grout need different types of cleaning techniques and solutions, so it's important to call a knowledgeable and experienced cleaning service.

Our specially-designed cleaning solutions combined with high pressure cleaning and state-of-the-art equipment will restore your hard surface to its original beautiful, clean luster!  CBC also offers restorative services which include filling holes in natural stone, removing calcium deposits, and polishing natural stone to bring its lustre and shine back.

Do your floors, counters, showers, and outdoor hard surfaces look dull and dirty? CBC can brighten up your home with the latest hard surface cleaning and restoration technology available.  CBC Cleaning and Restoration Technicians are trained and IICRC certified in hard surface cleaning. We also recommend and provide commercial-grade protective sealants to help your grout and hard surfaces resist soiling and staining.

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