Tips for Preventing Household Mold

Mold, it’s destructive, smelly, and possibly dangerous; but preventing it is easy if you know what to do! Here are some tips from CBC Cleaning and Restoration to help you prevent mold from growing in your home:

1. Consistently check for leaking pipes: common leak areas are under bathroom and kitchen sinks as well as water supply lines for toilets, refrigerators and washing machines.

2. Make sure your home is properly ventilated: proper ventilation in your attic is especially important.

3. Make sure doors and windows are sealed properly and outside sprinklers are functioning correctly: this will prevent moisture from entering your home from outside.

4. Dry any wet areas immediately and thoroughly: use fans if possible to move air over wet areas.

IF you do find mold:

1. Locate the source of moisture: if it is a leaky pipe then turn the water off to that pipe until a plumbing professional can fix the leak.

2. DO NOT try and clean mold yourself: this runs the risk of spreading mold spores further throughout your home.

3. Call CBC right away: it is imperative to let a professional clean mold affected areas to prevent mold from spreading.

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