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Professional Carpet Cleaning

It's important to professionally clean your carpets and area rugs every 12-18 months.  Outside substances, like dirt, grease, pet hair and dander, get tracked into your home throughout the year, along with food and drink stains and any number of inside spills.  These contaminants and pollutants not only abrade and soil your carpet fibers, they also negatively affect your indoor hygiene. You might ask:

“How far ahead do I need to plan and schedule my cleaning with CBC Cleaning and Restoration?” 

Dry carpet

My family is unexpectedly coming to stay with us next week and I have to get my carpets cleaned.  How long will it take for them to dry out?

Call CBC Cleaning and Restoration right away to schedule an appointment.  We will get you in as quickly as possible, which is usually the same day or the next day so that  your carpets look beautiful again.  

Carpet cleaning

Don’t you just love the feeling of thick, clean carpet between your toes?  It just makes your home so inviting and welcoming to everyone -- friends, family and your pets.  But, to keep this wonderful and luxurious feel, it is so important to take care of your carpeting and area rugs.

Choosing a carpet cleaning company

Many times homeowners put off cleaning their carpets until relatives are coming for a visit or it’s the holidays.  When this happens it’s easy to just grab the phone directory and pick the company that looks the most appealing without really knowing their work.  This can become a big mistake.  Anyone can buy ad space, but establishing a name for quality in a community takes time, experience, and determination.  CBC Cleaning and Restoration has been servicing the Santa Clarity Valley and surrounding areas for over 35 years with an excellent reputation.  Remember that big franchises often hav

Mold evaluation and inspection

Every issue in a home that has to do with mold is always linked to water in some way.  As a fungus, mold needs water and other materials to feed on.  Therefore, many types of mold spores grow in attics and basements, which lack exposure to sunlight and air circulation.  While there are not many basements in Southern California, attics can definitely be a concern. 

Mold growth in new homes

Everywhere we go we can encounter mold, whether outside or inside our environments.  Allergies are a common reaction to mold in damp and wet climates; though some people are never bothered at all.  In an inside environment, however, mold can begin to grow in a closed area which is damaging in many ways.  Most people, when inhaling a large concentration of mold, can experience uncomfortable symptoms and even health issues.


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