The Great California Wildfires Clean-Up

With so much of California under a cloud of wildfire smoke recently, the task of clean-up staggers the imagination. Just think about it—even the homes and businesses that escape the flames are layered with ash and soot. The air quality in a home exposed to intense smoke presents a hazard to health. The lingering smoke particles are especially harmful to young children, the elderly, and anyone suffering asthma and respiratory ailments. The longer the exposure to smoke, the more deeply the odor will be embedded. 

The Oldest Way to Clean Carpets


“Help! I’m not a very decisive person, but I really want to get my carpet clean the first time around and see that it stays clean. I’m so conflicted! I’ve got friends who swear by their home carpet cleaners, but yuck! I’ve seen them in action and I hear that it takes waaaay longer for carpets to dry using a home machine vs. traditional cleaners. I’m concerned about using a lot of harmful chemicals, but with a few greasy footprints and some old pet stains, I’m concerned about the effectiveness of green cleaning. And then there’s the debate over dry and wet cleaning. It’s true, I am hesitant to waste water, but really, I just want this done right the first time. Someone just tell me what to do.”

Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning?

DIY is awesome for sooooo many things—slapping together palette furniture, decorating throw pillows, or installing shelving in your garage, for instance. There’s only so much damage you can do there, right? And hey! You might actually wind up with something useful and cool. 

But carpet cleaning? True, there’s no end to the DIY promises on the internet when it comes to removing everything from red Kool-Aid to paint stains. When you think about the cost of carpeting, though, does it really make sense to trust your floor covering to some weird cocktail of salt, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Dawn, and baking soda that the crazy cat lady on YouTube promised would remove pet stains? Did you count the number of cats lurking in the background?


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