How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Carpets

Wall-to-wall carpeting can simultaneously be wonderfully cozy and comforting and a complete headache.  Yes, it feels soft and warm on bare feet in the winter, your kids love to wallow on it, and your dog appreciates that he can sit on it without slowly sliding backwards, but those rewards require a lot of diligent maintenance.  And even with diligent maintenance, problems lurk deep within the fibers.

5 Tools Everyone In The Carpet Cleaning Industry Should Be Using

While there are several carpet cleaning options out there, hot water extraction, truck-mounted systems are by far the most thorough carpet cleaners available.  Most carpet manufacturers advise using hot water extraction as the best cleaning method for their product.  Not to be confused with steam cleaning, hot water extraction removes stains and soil more effectively and, unlike steam-cleaning, rinses away the detergent residue.  (Leaving the re

Think You're Cut Out For Deep House Cleaning? Take This Quiz

What your grandmother might have called “spring cleaning” has acquired a far less friendly sounding name: deep cleaning.  True, there is something satisfying about the thought of relaxing in a deep cleaned house, in which every dark corner has been scrubbed and every dust particle banished.  But are you up for scraping out the biohazards in the back of the refrigerator or scrubbing the floor around your toilet?  Take this little quiz to see if you’re the deep cleaning type.


14 Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

“This vacuum cleaner bag isn’t full yet.  I don’t need to change it.”

No, the bag might not be ready to burst, but if it’s too full, it will negatively impact suction power.  Live large and change your vacuum cleaner bag when it’s ¾ full.


“A little salt will take this red wine stain right out!”

Just the opposite!  The tannins in the wine will react with the salt to set the stain permanently.


“I don’t see the stain anymore.  I must have gotten it all up.”

SCV Education Foundation's Bag of Books Program

All four of the Santa Clarita Valley elementary school districts (Castaic, Newhall, Saugus and Sulphur Springs) are involved in the Bag of Books program, which placed 30 bags into 25 different kindergarten classrooms, impacting over 600 students last year alone. Each Bag of Books contains four books for the students check out on Monday, take home to read, and then return on Friday. The following Monday, they get a new bag with four new books. By the end of the school year, the students will have read up to 140 books!


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